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Teachers Needed for Sunday School

24th February 2019

Alfalah Northside Center is offering Sunday School this year and is looking for teachers, volunteers, chaperones who can help us in Sunday School is open to compensate. Please contact the Sh. Aziz at 749-4240.

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Northside Sunday School

2nd May 2019

Alhamdulillah, Alfalah Northside Center is offering Sunday school for children ages 6-18, boys and girls, this year. The program will be full of education, activities, and field trips. Sunday school will from 10am-2pm. Pizza will be provided.

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Imam Needed for Downtown Masjid

11th May 2021

Alfalah Society of Greater San Antonio Antonio looking for Imam who can Teach, give Khutba Jummah and give latitudes at both facilities of Alfalah Society of San Antonio Antonio, please send your resume to

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