Organizational Structure

Alfalah Society of Greater San Antonio is headed by the Board of Directors, underneath which operate different Boards and Committees, which are responsible for managing different facilities and centers. The details are as follows:

The Board of Directors

Alfalah Society of Greater San Antonio is structured to be run, managed, and governed by the Board of Directors which oversees the activities of the Organization as a whole. The Board of Directors is the highest governing board which may appoint Committees to run its facilities or hire employs for specific job, work, or tasks.

Operational Committee

The Operating Committee is the managing Board of the organization which will be responsible for daily operations of the specific branch of Alfalah Society of San Antonio in which it is formed. Operating Committee can further create Functional Committees for the tasks of that respective branch. All the branches of Alfalah Society will be overseen by the Chief Executive Officer and/or the Board of Directors.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the advisory presiding Board. The Trustees will work in collaboration with the Board of Directors. The primary task of the Trustees is to maintain harmony between Alfalah Society’s management and community at large, and to support and advise the Board of Directors in their initiatives. The role of the Trustees is to support the Board of Directors.

Chief Executive Officer (ceo)

The Chief Executive Officer is the managing director of the organization who will be responsible for daily operations of the organization as a whole and oversee the activities of the Operating Committees of each branch. The Chief Executive Officer will report to the Board of Directors.


Within the guidance of this bylaws, each governing Body or Committee may select, assign, or appoint committees, sub-committees or groups for a specific time or mission.