Sunday School

Why enrollee your child in sunday school?

Educating the whole child is critical to the development of our future Muslim leadership.  Across America today, we are losing young Muslim leaders. Muslim children are learning and excelling in academics; but without moral and ethical guidance, they are enlightened but undirected.  Future Muslim leaders need a solid Islamic background, as well as an academic education.

Understanding why we need Alfalah school is the first step.  Now, the Muslim Community must take on the responsibility of nurturing and maintaining the school financially, emotionally and spiritually, for the sake of Allah and our children. 

As prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: “Every one of you is a caretaker and will be asked about his trust.”

Islam teaches us to help those under our guardianship.  In addition, we also have a responsibility to reach others.

We must practice our beliefs so that our children can follow us.  By providing an institution where Islamic teaching and Islamic values are paramount, we succeed in supporting and reinforcing the values and morals we teach in our homes.

In Sunday school environment, our children learn how to act, think, and speak Islamically—with kindness and respect.  Islamic Sunday schools address the heart, mind, body and soul of a child.  In addition to that, students also learn Salah, Qur’an, Islamic Studies, Arabic, and obedience to the rules of Islam.

Public Schools

  • Islamic Values Lost
  • No Islamic Studies
  • Arabic /Quran studies Lost
  • Non-Muslim Peers 
  • Exposure to Drugs and Secular   Media
  • Secular Holidays Emphasized;
  • Islamic Holidays Ignored
  • No Prayer in School

Alfalah Sunday School

  • Preserve Islamic Values
  • Best Islamic Curriculum
  • Arabic/ Quran Taught to All
  • All Muslim Peer Groups
  • Islamic Behaviors and Values Taught
  • Islamic Holidays emphasized; American Holidays   Acknowledged 
  • Exercise how to pray with Jama’at
  • Pizza Served